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Cemetery Surveys and Mapping

Local Autorities’ Cemeteries Order 1977, No 204

Cemetery maps are a legal requirement

It is a legal requirement for all cemeteries to be able to produce a map (in either paper or electronic format) showing the layout of the cemetery.

As a stand-alone service or part of a custom tailored package we will undertake surveys of cemeteries or convert any existing paper map or written formats into a digital map and geographic information system (GIS) data management package.

A geographic information system provides the foundation for a powerful database helping cemetery managers track vital information about individual grave sites including ownership, monument safety, occupancy and other pertinent data factors. The electronic database can be easily integrated with many councils own GIS system ensuring long-term security of data.

We provide confidentiality agreements for clients to protect all data sources.

Electronic copies of the database provides you with the opportunity to protect valuable information by having more than one set of data, allowing off-site safe storage.

Cemetery Mapping and Memorial Stability Testing


Mapping at Hampstead Cemetery


Mapping at Hampstead Cemetery