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Memorial Stability Testing

Are you compliant with Health & Safety regulations and insured for accidents involving unstable monuments?

We provide quantifiable monument stability information which is entered in to a bespoke Geographical Information System (GIS) database.

The CDS Management System provides you with independent, secure and qualified data to satisfy the requirements of insurance companies by providing a record of monument testing in a text and mapped format.

The flexibility of the management system provides you with the option of collecting information or attributes associated with each individual monument. This information may include photographs of the monument, details of the grave site, and many more factors that can be collected, mapped and referenced as a permanent electronic record.

Our Service

  • CDS will undertake stability testing either adopting the recent Ministry of Justice Guidelines, or using a transducer tester calibrated to 35 kg or 350 Newtons as specified by the ICCM.

    Monuments will be logged as a pass or fail. On completion the authority will receive a full electronic log in Access or Excel indicating which monuments have passed or failed this could be tailored to suit their format”.

    Memorial Stability Testing

  • CDS hold that stability testing in itself only identifies the problem. Once recognised as being unsafe it is the authority’s duty that prompt action should be taken to make safe any unstable memorials, preferably on the same day of testing.

    Furthermore, recent experience in other cemeteries has highlighted the sensitivity the general public has regarding their burial grounds. The wholesale laying flat of large numbers of failed memorials is both aesthetically and emotionally distressing and in most cases unnecessary.

    As an alternative to laying flat the use of warning tape/bags, safety notices and staking must only be seen as a temporary measure and not a solution to the problem itself.

    Therefore CDS proposes to leave standing and make safe as many memorials as possible.

  • We provide confidentiality agreements for clients to protect all data sources.

    Electronic copies of the database provides you with the opportunity to protect valuable information by having more than one set of data, allowing off-site safe storage.

    We use qualified staff and carry £10 million of Public Liability Insurance, and £1 million Professional Indemnity Insurance.