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Groundwater Risk Assessments

Environmental Risk Assessments

It is a statutory requirement that measures are taken to protect groundwater from potential pollution sources.  Burial practices give rise to potential sources of pollution and are covered by these regulations.

We provide our clients with comprehensive Environment Agency groundwater risk assessments.

The Tier 1 assessment is a self-collected baseline assessment.  Collect the data required with our guidance and we will then analyse your data to create a report detailing your current situation and recommend actions.

The Tier 2 assessment is for higher risk sites and involves a site investigation from our engineers with the potential for flux and pollution modelling.

The Tier 3 assessment is for site with a very high risk and involves the use of boreholes and long term monitoring on top of investigations conducted in Tier 2.

We will advise at the very earliest stage on whether a site is likely to achieve approval under the EA Guidelines, and whether there will be further spend on design and construction.

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Environmental Risk Mitigation

CDS offers specialist advice on risk mitigation. The Environment Agency has referred in general terms within its booklet on ‘Assessing the Groundwater Pollution Potential of Cemetery Developments’ to the use of an ‘options appraisal’ which may include ‘reduction of the hazard through new technology, procedures or investment’. There is no objection in principle to the use of methods of the type suggested where it is necessary to mitigate risk, provided that such methods are used in conjunction with a fully considered tiered risk assessment.

CDS have been developing attenuation materials to help where marginal risk of leaching may go against the development of a cemetery.