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EMI Soil Scan

The EMI scan will provide target sampling points from which the soil profile will be analysed for its mineralogy and profile construction. Determining where soil variability exist as well as locating and defining metallic and electrical utilities and potential below ground constructions and obstructions can be extremely beneficial in providing cost benefits through well engineered designs.

The EMI technology was developed in the UK by Martin Peters and Justin Smith and is widely used by other companies however its use is limited in many situations and we would advise potential users to be aware that it can sometimes be used as an expensive marketing tool rather than providing for good field data.

EMI Scanning

It should be noted that EMI surveying depth is limited to 1.5 meters and is therefore only recommended for sites where the location of following is not known.

• Utilities
• Old footings
• Springs
• Archaeology
• Major soil variations

EMI Scan

The illustration shows an EMI scan of a site with the soil texture variation indicated by the dark and light hues anda power utility highlighted by the red hatched line.

If the site in question is known to have utilities within it, and there may be some archaeological interest, it might be advisable that EMI should be used; however, this option is for the client to decide, as it will not affect the EA decision process.