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Cemetery Drainage

Drainage in cemeteries is complex due to the physical, environmental and practical constraints.  CDS are specialists in solutions to surface and groundwater problems.

We specialise in the drainage of cemeteries; designing bespoke solutions to surface and groundwater problems.  We designed and managed to completion, the country’s first cemetery deep groundwater drainage system, leading the way to companies adopting this new established method.

Our specialist technical services provide management of the following areas:

  • Dewatering and lowering of groundwater levels through deep drainage techniques.
  • Surface water and catch-all drainage
  • Spring line diversion and cut off
  • Reed bed construction
  • Grey water management (grave pumping and environmental waste water management).

EMI Mapping

The EMI scan will provide target sampling points from which the soil profile will be analysed for its mineralogy and profile construction. Determining where soil variability exist as well as locating and defining metallic and electrical utilities and potential below ground constructions and obstructions can be extremely beneficial in providing cost benefits through well engineered designs.

The EMI technology was developed in the UK by Martin Peters and Justin Smith and is widely used by other companies however its use is limited in many situations and we would advise potential users to be aware that it can sometimes be used as an expensive marketing tool rather than providing for good field data.

CDS undertake a three staged approach:

  • The Survey

    Before any assumptions are made as to the causes of the drainage problem our soil water team undertakes a detailed survey. This survey includes:

    • Tyopographic hydro-topographic surveys
    • Hydro-geological investigation
    • Deep core sampling
    • Profile pit analysis
    • Soil analysis
    • EMI mapping
    • Outfall design options
    • Utility mapping

    From the results of the initial field and desktop survey and extensive site investigation an engineer will determine:

    • The water table levels both current and temporal
    • The risk of leaching, eutrophication and attenuation
    • The presence, and causes, of any impermeable layers in the soil profile
    • The soil stability and suitability for excavations
    • The drainage and surface water management options

    The production of a detailed written report with outline management options will be presented to the client highlighting the type of drainage problem and a summary of design options and likely budget costs.

  • The Design

    Once the budgets and type of drainage scheme has been agreed CDS will progress with Stage 2 This would include the:

    • Production of scaled drawings and any land forming presentations• Production of specification
    • Production of bill of quantities
    • Production of Tender Documents
    • Tender contract management

    Land Modelling

  • Project Management

    CDS ensure that all aspects of the design are finished on time and on budget by providing an ongoing client relationship package.CDS engineers will ensure that the contractors are fully informed and briefed on the work in hand and will monitor the projects progress form start to completion.

    • Prepare in conjunction with Quantity Surveyor, contract documentation for works.

    • Lease and advise on appointment of specialist sub-contractors.
    • Accept site on behalf of contractor, issue working drawings and details.
    • Prepare anticipated monthly cash flow forecast expenditure.
    • Prepare and administer the construction, design and management (CDM) regulations.
    • Make periodic visits to site as required to generally oversee project.
    • Assess progress and ensure it is in line with the agreed programme.
    • Liase with Local Authority.
    • Issue of any variation orders etc, issue payment certificates in conjunction with Quantity Surveyor and agree final account.
    • Carry out final inspection.
    • Produce list of emedial as necessary.
    • Accept work on behalf of the Local Authority.
    • General administrative duties.


Cemetery Drainage Case Studies

  • Trent Park

  • Mill Hill