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Planning a Cemetery

Any new cemetery development or extension being submitted for planning, may require many levels of assessment especially if the cemetery exceeds 1 hectare in size.

A large cemetery may be classed as a major development and significant studies have to be undertaken in order to satisfy planners.

The level and degree of the studies will depend in part on the sensitivity of the site (e.g. green belt or areas of significant environmental or historic value).

In most cases works will start with a pre-app meeting or report with planners and from this the framework of application studies and documentation can be assessed and appropriated.

Below are typically the types of studies reports and assessments that are often required for a larger (>2 hectare) development.

Cemetery Development Services Ltd with its specialist team with many years of experience in cemetery design, planning and delivery can provide the client with a full application service facilitating all the components below typically required for cemetery planning.

The client is able to be sure that at every stage planning issues are covered

Assessments and Reports

    • • Environment Agency T1 Audit
    • • Installation of  boreholes  and monitoring if required
    • • Environment Agency Flux modelling
    • • Flood Risk Assessment
    • • SUD’s Policy
      • • Attenuation pond and reed bed design
      • • Tree Audits
      • • Ecology and habitat survey Phase 1  and Phase 2
        • • BiP reports
        • • HMP reports
        • • Newt surveys
        • • Bat survey
        • • Reptile survey

    • • Consultation with County Archaeologist
    • • Archaeology HER
      • • Pre-Determination Survey
      • • Geo-phys surveys
      • • Highways Consultation
        • • Highways Transport Assessment
        • • Traffic Counts
        • • Planning Policy Statement
        • • Needs Policy Statement
        • • Sustainability Statement
        • • Design and Access Statement
        • • Consultation with County Rights of Way
        • • Public Rights of Access Statement
        • • Public Consultation
          • • Public consultation blog

    • • Landscape Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)
    • • Visual Appraisal (VA)
    • • General layout
      • • Landscape plan
      • • Building designs
      • • Location plan
      • • Drainage plan
      • • Burial Layout plan
      • • Landscape planting plan
      • • Site topographic survey

  • Completion & submission of planning application forms and drawings
  • During the planning process a number of questions or objections may be raised by the planning consultees.  CDSL will ensure that these issues are dealt with quickly effectively and positively.


CDSL Planning Success for Successful Planning!

CDSL have an 80% success rate in cemetery planning, where they have undertaken all components of the planning process.

Successful planning applications include cemeteries for:

  • • Sherborne Town Council
  • • Poole Borough Council
  • • Milton Keynes mausoleum
  • • Derwentside Council
  • • Flintshire Borough Council
  • • Royston Town Council
  • • Cannock Borough Council
  • • Gamlingay Parish Council

CDSL have undertaken specific components of planning including design and or environmental studies for 20 other successful planning applications.

CDSL are currently undertaking 20 more full planning applications, and to date  we have undertaken nearly 300 cemetery feasibility studies.