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CDS Announces New CEO Appointments

A message from its founder Justin Smith.

Due to continued and rapid growth of CDS, I am proud to announce the appointments of joint CEOs Becky Ballinger and Darryl Kelly.

Many clients will know Becky as their planning manager or personal account manager.
Becky will now head up the planning team and will take responsibility for growing this area of the business.
Darryl joined us this year bringing with him a wealth of experience and new ideas.. Darryl has already made great strides in growing the environmental management element of the business and will be looking to expand this service into a range of sectors of the Local Authority market. Darryl with contaminated land assessment and reclamation experience will work with authorities to help release currently unusable land for more profitable and or sustainable uses.

As a joint CEO team Becky and Darryl will be responsible for the day to day operations and decision making of the business, each growing their respective departments but developing the business as an integral entity.

I will take on the role of Chairman and will be responsible for company policy and governance and will work closely with Becky and Darryl to continue to improve service and grow the business.

With CDS now turning over 7 figures annually, it now requires a young and energised team to continue the momentum of growth and keep CDS relevant and the most experienced operator in the market.

I hope these decisions will provide you as current and future customers an exemplary and unparalleled service going forward.