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Cemetery Development Services is recognised as a leading International brand in cemetery, crematorium and mausoleum design and development.

Our extensive depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of cemetery, crematorium and mausoleum feasibility, design and  development along with the technical expertise in groundwater risk assessments and drainage management has made Cemetery Development Services one of the leading international brands.

We combine creativity with sound technical expertise.

With a single point of contact, this experience allows us to manage your entire project
from inception to implementation and completion.


Cemetery Design

Cemetery Development Services employ a team of qualified field surveyors, CAD designers and engineers and in combination with our retained architects are able to offer an unrivalled service specialising in cemetery design and construction.

Planning a Cemetery

Our specialist team, with many years of experience in cemetery design, planning and delivery, can provide you with a full application service facilitating all the components typically required for cemetery planning.

Cemetery surveys and mapping

As a stand-alone service or part of a custom tailored package we will undertake surveys of cemeteries or convert any existing paper map or written formats into a digital map and geographic information system (GIS) data management package.

Cemetery Drainage for surface and groundwater problems

Cemetery Development Services have specialised in the drainage of cemeteries, designing bespoke solutions to surface and groundwater problems.

Environmental Risk Assessments

Cemetery Development Services have been in consultation with representatives of the Environment Agency Groundwater Directives Team to ensure that our clients receive the level of service specific for their needs.

cemetery Case Studies

Cemetery Development Services provide one of the most extensive cemetery management services available, specialising in management, planning and construction for the cemetery industry. Clients include local authorities, architects and developers, golf courses and sports grounds.

Headstone Memorial Safety

Are you compliant with Health & Safety regulations and insured for accidents involving unstable monuments? We provide quantifiable monument stability information which is entered in to a bespoke Geographical Information System (GIS) database.

Greywater Management

Grey water and drainage problems can be avoided. Simple management techniques can save tens of thousands of pounds in engineering costs, and a well designed drainage scheme can be both functional and affordable. Find out how CDS can help.