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Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits

CDS have been in consultation with representatives of the Environment Agency Groundwater Directives Team to ensure that our clients receive the level of service specific for their needs.

Some of our competitors offer additional services that are often simply not required yet cost the authority large sum for information that is not relevant.

CDS have undertaken over 37 separate T1 and T2 audits over the past 18 months alone more than any other UK based company.

CDS will advise our client whether the site is likely to achieve approval or not under the EA Guidelines at the very earliest stage. CDS EA T1 audit reports are comprehensive and provide the client with a full report highlighting those issues likely to cause environmental risk and further spend in design and construction.

CDS also work on behalf of the client in developing engineered solutions to risk mitigation thus making new developments more acceptable by the EA.

Going to Work

Environment Agency T1, T2 and T3 Reports

The CDS Team will carry out both field and desktop studies, which will include:

• Detailed soil survey using grid core sampling and optional EMI scanning technologies
• Flood risk assessment
• Soil analysis
> Profile pit investigations
• Digital Terrain Topographic survey of the site
• Profile analysis to 1 meter below burial depth (3 meters)
> Using deep auger sampling techniques
• Initial groundwater and surface water observations
• SPZ (Source Protection Zone) mapping
• Geological hydrogeological desktop study
• Meteorological study
• Digital water level monitoring
• Water quality analysis
• Borehole installation
• ConSim Analysis
• The risk of leaching, eutrophication and attenuation
• Assess and present risk mitigation options
• Consultations with stake holders and third party agencies

It is anticipated that this report will form the basis of any discussions and negotiations with the Environment Agency (EA), associated water companies and third party interests.

The above Tier 1 approach is made sufficiently comprehensive to try and avoid the necessitation of a Tier 2 study by providing the EA with sufficient data at the primary audit stage.

Cemetery Development Services ensure that the EA Groundwater Team are involved at the very earliest stages, as this can help in reducing the need for a Tier 2 Audit with its associated delays and costs.

However, in exceptional circumstances if the risk to ground water is deemed sufficiently high enough, the EA may request further monitoring as part of a Tier 2 study.

Further engineering and site studies will be conducted during the primary EA investigations by our drainage and civil engineers to produce a detailed written report with outline design options and approximated costs which will be presented to the client.

Bore holes and piezometer studies can be carried out as part of the extended T1 assesment.

Environmental Risk Mitigation

CDS offers specialist advice on risk mitigation. The Environment Agency has referred in general terms within its booklet on ‘Assessing the Groundwater Pollution Potential of Cemetery Developments’ to the use of an ‘options appraisal’ which may include ‘reduction of the hazard through new technology, procedures or investment’. There is no objection in principle to the use of methods of the type suggested where it is necessary to mitigate risk, provided that such methods are used in conjunction with a fully considered tiered risk assessment.

CDS have been developing attenuation materials to help where marginal risk of leaching may go against the development of a cemetery.

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