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Cemetery Development Services Introduction

Cemetery Development Services provide one of the most extensive land management services available, specialising in management, planning and construction for the cemetery, sports and amenity sectors.

Clients include local authorities, architects and developers, golf courses and sports grounds.

Our team of engineers, draughtsmen, environmental consultants and architects are of the hightest calibre and are able to provide an unique one-stop-shop for all your design, construction and management needs.

CDS Sport

CDS Sport provide all the necessary information on ground conditions and drainage requirements necessary for funding applications as well as private development.

These studies may provide the following information:

  •  Site history
  • Review of utilities and existing drainage
  • Laboratory soil analysis:
  • Particle size analysis
  • Hydraulic conductivity and infiltration rates
  • Bulk density
  • EMI scanning with GPS
  • Topographical survey
  • Project cost options
  • Project timescale’s

Cemetery Development Services founder Justin Smith has been instrumental in many areas of sports field management and technology including being the founder of TurfTrax now the countries leading race technology providers.

Whilst at TurfTrax Justin developed the use of EMI technology for the surveying of sports grounds, he was instrumental in developing the “Going Stick”  and  the extensively used  “going maps” depicting ground conditions on race courses in mapped format.

Where they could be applied Justin is an advocator of low cost drainage solutions, he set up the Football Foundation research project to investigate mole drainage as an alternative to more expensive sand  slitting approaches.

From the success of this research CDS Sport now provide the Moletech Service for clay soils where sand slitting is simply unaffordable.

“Too many consultants are using overly engineered and overpriced solutions because it provides them with a comfort factor… the comfort factor being a very large percentage for project management and consultancy fees.

At CDS Sport we feel that in many cases the long-term management and maintenance costs of these over engineered projects are rarely emphasised to the customer.”

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